• "I've just returned from an outstanding food tour of Sicily. I want to give Savour Sicily Culinary Tours a shout out, not only because we had a rollicking good time, but because, through Sicily's amazing food, Lisa gave me a far better understanding of the region and its complicated history than I might have gained if I'd gone alone with a guide book or toured with a historian."

    Lee Tulloch, Luxe Nomad, Sydney Morning Herald Traveller

  • “I am so impressed by how passionate you are about Sicily and its food and culture, and your desire to continue to discover and learn, and how excited you are to show us the Sicily that you know. I doubt the conventional tours will provide any of the above, and I think the experience of a more personal tour is well worth it!!! Every experience is unique and all of them make this trip complete".

    Stella, San Francisco, USA
  • “Swimming off the fishing boat out of Cefalu and lunching on the boat afterwards- has to rate as one my best days ever. So simple yet so splendid, life doesn't get much better than that. I think you put together a brilliant itinerary. Your energy and enthusiasm was infectious. You did your best to accommodate everyone's needs in quite a diverse group.  By the end I felt I had experienced a taste of the real Sicily and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will certainly return.”

    Lorraine, Canberra, Australia
  • “As far as we are concerned you nailed it. We could not have had a warmer, friendlier more fun and lovely introduction to Sicily. There is more love of people and food in your veins than there is blood.”

    Janice and Richard, Melbourne, Australia
  • "It was an excellent, well thought out itinerary covering many aspects of Sicilian culture. Lisa's in-depth knowledge of and real enthusiasm for Sicily was fantasic- we couldn't have had a better guide to introduce us to this amazing island. Overall the trip was terrific, very educational and stimulating. Many good memories- not least of all food. I look forward to returning someday to somewhere I feel I got to know"

    Vicky, Melbourne, Australia

A culinary journey through an ancient land

Savour Sicily Culinary Tours invites you to share in their passion for Sicily on an exciting 10 day culinary journey. Savour Sicily Culinary Tours is an experience of the Sicilian way of life – a simple life, with a focus on what is truly important: food, wine, friends, sun and siesta.

In just 10 days, Savour Sicily Culinary Tours will take you across Sicily and personally introduce you to this enchanting island, its culture and most importantly its food. They will let you in on Sicily’s best kept secrets and take you to their favourite food destinations, stays, restaurants, and pastry shops. Visit local markets, wineries and producers and enjoy hands-on cooking classes with Sicilian chefs.

Savour Sicily Culinary Tours are lead by Lisa Ferraro, who comes with over 12 years experience in Sicilian travel and reserach into Sicilian food. With Lisa as your personal guide, you will obtain an in-depth understanding of the island's food and culture through a range of experiences that explore its extremes: from the heights of eating at Sicily’s most acclaimed restaurants and pastry shops, through to street snacking at local markets and stores.


Put simply, Sicily is intoxicating. It offers travellers a wealth of experiences from uncovering its rich history, marvelling extraordinary architecture, witnessing dramatic landscapes and beautiful scenery, as well as experiencing one of the world’s most diverse and interesting cuisines.

As a food lover, I have always found that the best way to truly experience a destination, especially its culture, is through its food. And given its vibrant history and rich soil, the ultimate destination to be uncovered through food is Sicily. I have taken my specialised knowledge of Sicily and put together an itinerary highlighting the best the island has to offer. From the west to the east coast and the Aeolian islands, in 10 days you will discover Sicily’s delicious cuisine, fresh seasonal produce, unique wines and Sicily’s warm hospitality and culture. 

Lisa Ferraro           



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