"Who wouldn't get excited by the idea of a 'foodcation'?"

"Through Sicily's amazing food, Lisa gave me a far better understanding of the region and its complicated history than I might have gained if I'd gone alone with a guide book or toured with a historian." Lee Tulloch, Luxe Nomad


"Discover the best of Sicily"

"For first-time visitors, it helps to be guided by someone who knows the landscape and flavours of the island, such as Lisa Ferraro, who leads food-focused tours of Sicily for small groups".



"Best guided tour 2014: Savour Sicily"

"We spent ten heavenly days in Sicily. Guests can participate in cooking classes with local chefs, or simply indulge in some fabulous food and wine while learning more about this intriguing Mediterranean island."





Lisa Ferraro, who opened the popular Melbourne restaurant Bar Idda in 2009 and now lives in Rome, hosts 10-day culinary tours of Sicily in June and September, the optimum months for travel to the wildly romantic Italian island. During her years of travelling to Sicily to research food and wine for her Sicilian-influenced restaurant, Ferraro forged relationships with chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, winemakers and providores. She now shares her knowledge of the island's culinary richness with guests on guided, small-group tours where participants meet local chefs and cooks, learn how to cook Sicilian specialities such as caponata and cassata, and sample the best restaurant and street food Sicily has to offer." READ MORE


"Who wouldn't get excited by the idea of a 'foodcation'?"

"I've just returned from an outstanding food tour of Sicily. I want to give Savour Sicily Culinary Tours a shout out, not only because we had a rollicking good time, but because, through Sicily's amazing food, Lisa gave me a far better understanding of the region and its complicated history than I might have gained if I'd gone alone with a guide book or toured with a historian."

Lee Tulloch, Luxe Nomad, August 2014

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"For first-time visitors, it helps to be guided by someone who knows the landscape and flavours of the island, such as Lisa Ferraro, who leads food-focused tours of Sicily for small groups."

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"We spent ten heavenly days in Sicily with the gorgeous Lisa of Savour Sicily Culinary Tours. Lisa takes small group, food-focussed tours to Sicily twice a year, introducing guests to her favourite restaurants, markets, wineries and delis. Guests can participate in cooking classes with local chefs, or simply indulge in some fabulous food and wine while learning more about this intriguing Mediterranean island."

"We are missing Sicily already. Thank you for taking us on the best adventure. I couldn’t think of anyone better than you, to have guided us through this magical journey."

Maria, WA Australia, 2023

"Thanks for all your work. We have had a great time in Sicily. The flour mill was particularly fabulous, very professional, organised and a lot of fun. We also absolutely loved the hotel in Siracusa. The staff were fabulous and we sat both nights looking at the sunset from the terrace. Already missing Sicily - especially the food and the people!"

Paul and Yvonne, VIC Australia, 2023 

“Thanks again for the most wonderful time in Sicily!  Dad and I absolutely loved the tour, the group, your wonderful guidance, and of course the incredible food of Sicily!

Susan, NSW Australia, 2019

“Thanks again for being such a brilliant tour leader.  The itinerary was remarkable.  A friend told me that we saw more of Sicily in 10 days than he managed to see in 3 weeks.  I have many great memories.”

John, San Francisco USA, 2019

"I didn’t feel like we were on a tour, rather with a friend taking us around to meet her friends and see the country she so loves. Thank you Lisa for the amazing memories you have given us, they will be cherished forever. I'm having severe withdrawals from our Sicilian travels and the delicious foods we were so spoilt with.  I haven't stopped talking about it, I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing "when we were in Sicily"”

Anne, VIC Australia, 2018

"Lisa, you've left us all with a great love and appreciation of Sicily and Italy. We now all appreciate the difference in the regional cooking of Italy due to the differing cultural influences. It's all just so fascinating. It was so wonderful to witness how Sicilians live. Self sustainability, secure food systems, zero food miles are buzz words to us but a way of life for Sicilians. I want to bring my whole family on the tour next time!"

Kim, NSW Australia, 2018

“Fantastic. We were a bit apprehensive beforehand, neither of us are really tour group people, but everything was so great. We are telling all our friends that if they are thinking about Sicily that they should do your tour (and if they are not thinking about going to Sicily they should be).”

Cherida, VIC Australia, 2017

“Lisa – what can we say? It was like visiting a friend who was like “come and meet my other friends”. Your warmth, care and attention was way beyond expectations. Every recommendation was spot on. You really spoiled us. Thank you, thank you, thank you”

Kyle, VIC Australia, 2017

“I’ve had an amazing time exploring Sicily with an absolute professional. Thank you for absolutely everything you have done. It was such an incredible time and one I’ll treasure forever. My heart is full of Sicilian love thanks to you.” 

Jodie, NSW Australia, 2017

“Thank you very much for the most amazing time in Sicily. The tour has exceeded all my expectations. All of your hard work is an absolute credit to you. I loved all the different parts of the tour. Thank you very much for being an excellent hostess.”

Kate, VIC Australia, 2017

“We had such a wonderful time on your tour and have been recommending it to friends since our return. I wouldn't say no to a return trip maybe in September 2019!”

Stuart, VIC Australia, 2017

“We cannot thank you enough for our Sicilian experience.”

Coleen and Bob, NSW Australia, 2017 

“Thank you for showing us the wonders of Sicily and for what was a fantastic 10 days. I've been singing your praises to any and everyone.”

Deborah, VIC Australia, 2017

“Thank you once again for your passion and expertise which gave us an insight to Sicily that we would never have gained without you.”

Sue, QLD Australia, 2017

“Thank you for the greatest tour we have been on, so special and thanks for all your great effort.”

Michele and John, QLD Australia, 2017 

“I wanted to express my deep appreciation for the way you organised the trip. We had a fabulous time, learnt so much, and how good is eating and drinking :). You were very generous to us and we never felt wanting for anything.  Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful trip to remember. We have enjoyed the tour so much.”

Lindsay, QLD Australia, 2017 

“Fantasico, we had a ball! Lisa’s enthusiasm for Sicily was contagious. She has a wealth of knowledge, nothing was a trouble to her and she is super professional in all her dealings. Thank you so much.”

Mark, NSW Australia, 2017

“It was amazing and we were delighted. We were able to do things and meet people who we many never have considered before. It was our first time on a guided tour and we were a little apprehensive, but it was truly a fantastic, never to be forgotten experience.”

Anne, NSW Australia, 2017

“Sicily certainly lived up to my expectations and was extra special due to the unique places you organised for us to visit and the wonderful talented people you introduced us to. Everyone was so welcoming and professional in their field of food production. The food was delicious and I am enjoying poring through my cooking book from Case Vecchie.”

Lee, WA Australia, 2016

“Thank you for a wonderful, food filled, cultural experience, We had a wonderful time.”

Chris, WA Australia, 2016

“Thank you for the best holiday ever and for introducing us to so many memorable experiences! We had such a wonderful time in Sicily and it was delightful to spend the time with you.”

Patricia and Alistair, Auckland NZ, 2016

“I just wanted to let you know we had a marvellous time on your tour and have recommended it warmly to several people here. We were enormously impressed by your knowledge, passion for Sicily, its attractions, culture and history, and relationships with all your contacts. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and the pleasure you gave us all.”

Allan, Auckland NZ, 2016

“It was even better than we hoped it would be. We all enjoyed everything about our tour, especially the way you put the itinerary together and your passion for everything we did in Sicily. It goes right to the top of our best holiday list and has made me fall in love with Sicily – we will be back!”

Vanessa, Auckland NZ, 2016

“How can we ever thank you. This has been an amazing 10 days – all we expected and more. The food, the places we’ve been, our great cooking classes, but most of all your warm friendly nature and amazing organization skills. We feel we truly ‘belong’ in Sicily thanks to you.”

Pam and Gary, NSW Australia, 2016 

“Well we have been on quite the journey! We have been entertained, cooked at, cooked for, dined out, laughed with, bussed, boated, upstairs, downstairs, educated, loved and most importantly delighted by you Lisa and this wonderful trip you have created.”

Sharon, QLD Australia, 2016

“A stunning trip made extra special by your infectious enthusiasm and love of the place. We had the BEST time in Sicily largely due to your talent as a terrific guide and amazingly cheerful person, the wonderful places and people you introduced us to.”

Roxana, VIC Australia, 2016

“Thanks for a great trip, we had a wonderful time, the company was great and tour size just right. You will be pleased to know that the ‘Sicilian effect’ is still alive and well in our household; we have been testing some of the recipes and are planning to hold a Sicilian dinner party for our local friends in the near future!”

Peter, VIC Australia, 2016

“We have had a fantastic time. Everyday has been a great adventure, food fantastic. Loved our 10 days!”

Lisa and Mark, QLD Australia, 2016 

“It seems like a distant memory but nether the less a fantastic memory. We cannot thank you enough for the professionalism and passion you gave to our group. We loved every part of the tour.”

Stephen, QLD Australia, 2016 

“Lisa, I appreciate how fabulous your planning and organisation was, and how much I got out of the tour - and how fabulous and different Sicily is, all of which I would not have picked up myself, without your knowledge, insight and enthusiasm! I loved it, as a birthday it was tops and I’m still living it! Grazie mille!”

Gail, VIC Australia, 2016 

"Couldn't have been better; lively, fun, well organised, professional, you made everyone feel welcome. Thank you Lisa. We had a sensational time and loved everything so much. We really appreciate the great work you did putting it all together."

Mary and Steve, VIC Australia, 2014

"It was an excellent, well thought out itinerary covering many aspects of Sicilian culture. Lisa's in-depth knowledge of and real enthusiasm for Sicily was fantasic- we couldn't have had a better guide to introduce us to this amazing island. Overall the trip was terrific, very educational and stimulating. Many good memories- not least of all food. I look forward to returning someday to somewhere I feel I got to know."

Vicky, VIC Australia, 2014

"We enjoyed the whole tour immensely, and your friendliness, knowledge and enthusiasm was exceptional. We had such fabulous food! Classes were great. The folder with the itinerary, helpful hints, and the leaflets of each of the places we went to, talking about were to eat, drink, shop, and some history were excellent. Thanks for a great trip."

Joy and Ian, VIC Australia, 2014

"I loved how you were part of the group rather than just a 'leader'. Your enthusiasm throughout the tour was amazing, and your passion for Sicily was infectious."

Kathy, VIC Australia, 2014

"Fabulous, I have been singing your praises ever since I returned!”

Fran, VIC Australia, 2014

“Swimming off the fishing boat out of Cefalu and lunching on the boat afterwards- has to rate as one my best days ever. So simple yet so splendid, life doesn't get much better than that. I think you put together a brilliant itinerary. Your energy and enthusiasm was infectious. You did your best to accommodate everyone's needs in quite a diverse group.  By the end I felt I had experienced a taste of the real Sicily and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will certainly return.”

Lorraine, ACT Australia, 2014

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Sicilian experience including the delicious food. We miss you heaps!"

Helen and Graeme, NSW Australia, 2014

“I had the most wonderful time, I enjoyed everything and felt very relaxed at the end of the trip, wonderful people on tour, excellent guiding, very enriching! I felt in very good hands throughout the trip, your general knowledge is excellent. I would recommend the tour to anyone and everyone!”

Gillian, VIC Australia, 2014

“The briefing whetted our appetite, the itinerary was clearly explained in an attractive, unique and personal way, your own enthusiasm came through and was contagious. We experienced a most comprehensive and exciting introduction to Sicily- its culture, people, heritage and cuisine. It was an unforgettable time of great fun, unique experiences, knowledge acquisition and of living and learning together through being introduced to people of a very warm, very generous, and very welcoming spirit. It is an experience we would recommend to others with an interest in food, culture and history. Thank you very much.”

Geoff and Marjorie, VIC Australia, 2013

“I am so impressed by how passionate you are about Sicily and its food and culture, and your desire to continue to discover and learn, and how excited you are to show us the Sicily that you know. I doubt the conventional tours will provide any of the above, and I think the experience of a more personal tour is well worth it!!! Every experience is unique and all of them make this trip complete."

Stella, San Francisco USA, 2013

“As far as we are concerned you nailed it. We could not have had a warmer, friendlier more fun and lovely introduction to Sicily. There is more love of people and food in your veins than there is blood.”

Janice and Richard, VIC Australia, 2013

“Winding our way home from dinner, the crescent moon is yellow and reflects a full spotlight beneath. Showtime! The image peels off out into the inky water. Every sense has been sated including those of our bellies. Involtini! Stuffed! As a metaphor, this sums up our trip so far. Tonight an antipasto of zucchini fritters, octopus in fresh caper berries which grow prolifically around the island, a Caponata of fused tastes but with each vegetable clearly separate and a dessert of pistachio crème. Bellissimo! ~ Salina, Aeolian Islands."

Suzy, VIC Australia, 2013