About Us

Savour Sicily Culinary Tours was created in 2012 by Lisa Ferraro, an Australian of Italian background, now residing in Palermo, with a strong passion for Sicilian food and culture.

Lisa was born to Sicilian and Calabrian parents and grew up on a farm in country Victoria, Australia. Life was about home grown produce, simple yet delicious traditional dishes and clever preserving techniques to enjoy seasonal produce all year round. Lisa moved to Melbourne and in living away from home, good food soon became beyond a way of life and priority, but a passion. Hospitality became a natural choice for part time work fueling Lisa’s increased interest in the food industry. With an eye for adventure, Lisa travelled extensively, including a year of study abroad in Firenze, and her passion for food was fuelled through travel. She found that, by experiencing local cuisine, flavours and food traditions and living life like a local, she gained more of an insight into each destination’s soul, culture, history and the way of life of its people. This became Lisa’s travel philosophy.

It was during this period that Lisa travelled to Sicily for the first time and fell in love instantly with the island of her heritage, in particular the cuisine, so different to that of the mainland. With subsequent visits, the thousands of years of history that has shaped Sicilian cuisine became increasingly apparent and Lisa continued to hone her interest in Sicilian cuisine. After years in the corportate world, it was no surprise Lisa realised it was time to follow her passions professionally and moved into hospitality full time. Up-skilling with formal hospitality and sommelier training, in 2009 Lisa opened her own Sicilian Restaurant, Bar Idda in Melbourne, in order to share Sicily’s exciting cuisine and culture, and a second venue soon followed. Bar Idda quickly gained a reputation for being one of the best restaurants in Melbourne for authentic and interesting Sicilian cuisine. Lisa travelled to Sicily frequently for research trips for the restaurants, meeting many people in the food and travel industry. With guests at the restaurant regularly asking where she eats and what she does in Sicily, Lisa decided to create Savour Sicily Culinary Tours, giving her the opportunity to share the best of Sicily as she knows it, leading 10 day boutique culinary journeys of the island.

Now enjoying a break from the heat of the restaurants, Lisa lives in Palermo full time working with her partners in Sicily, and continues her culinary journeys of Sicily in the ultimate months for Sicilian travel, June and September each year. In seasonal downtime Lisa continues to search the island for great food experiences, premium produce, unique food traditions and the island’s most talented food personalities, backed up by continual research into the historical and cultural context of food on the island. With a passion for food and travel now deep routed, Lisa continues to travel and indulge in incredible food and wine all over the world, developing and training her palate and captivating her senses.