Fast Facts

A mix of Italian and Sicilian dialect, although these days most people, especially those in the tourism, hospitality and transport industries, know how to speak English

Time difference:
Sicily is 8 hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time. Italy operates on the 24 hour clock

June & September Climate:
Perfect! It is not as hot, the sea is warm and tourists are less in number outside of July and August

Current is 220V, 50Hz. Plugs have two or three round pins so be sure to pack a power adapter

Tap water:
Safe and drinkable although most people drink bottled water as it is cheap and readily available

Mainly Roman Catholic with pilgrimages, religious feast days and festivals a big part of Sicilian culture. You should cover-up your shoulders and above the knees when visiting a church

Not super efficient but your packages and postcards will arrive eventually! Good idea to pay for extra insurance when sending valuable items

As a 10% service charge is usually included in bills, it is not customary to tip. However if the service was great then a few Euro is appreciated

Public toilets: 
Rare, except at major tourist sites. Buy a coffee and use the services of bars and cafés

In terms of stunning natural beauty and diverse landscapes, there is no place like the Italian island of Sicily

Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean and surrounded by three dazzling seas, its long coastlines turn quickly into a rough and rugged interior of deep valleys and towering mountain ranges.

Wild fennel and prickly pears grow along the roadside, hundred year-old olive trees and vines cling to the hills, scents of citrus and the sea cut through the air, while Mount Etna’s volcano cheekily breathes fire across the land. Charming little villages dot the island, as well as grand cities with architecture shaped by almost 3000 years of foreign domination – from Greek temples and Norman castles, to Moorish churches and Spanish baroque palazzi (buildings).

There is no surprise why so many foreign rulers wanted to conquer Sicily, when you experience how captivatingly beautiful the place is.


Population: 4,850,000*
Land size: 25,426 square kilometres
Country dialling code: 0039
Average summer temperature: 28°C

Exchange rate: 1 AUD = 0.64 Euro cents
Average cost of an espresso: 1 Euro
Weights and measures: Metric system