Caponata – Cooked vegetable side dish

30/9-13 at 14.31

Sicilian Caponata is a ‘contorno’, or side dish, and is an iconic part of Sicilian cuisine. A staple to the Sicilian diet, it has many regional and seasonal variations. Its versions simply cannot be numbered. Essentially it is a dish of cooked vegetables (usually eggplant), stewed in a range of sweet and sour flavours, a method of cooking known as Agrodolce.

While always a vegetable side dish of the ‘cucina povera’, or poor man’s kitchen, the 1700’s saw the rise of Caponata also used as a main course by nobles and aristocrats. French chefs called Monsù were bought to Sicily to prepare cutting edge French cuisine in the palaces of nobles and aristocrats, and they often added their own twists to local cuisine. To Caponata they added ingredients such as lobster, swordfish or chicken to make this rustic classic more exciting and more suited to the extravagance of the aristocratic cuisine.

See a fantastic recipe for Caponata in The Gourmet Traveller’s Italian edition Cookbook

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